Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I feel a bit better today... still a bit off but surviving! I barely ate yesterday cause of the sick thing and this morning I was down like an extra 3 pounds.. yikes!! I like to tell myself it's cause of my working out. Likely, it's cause I hadn't eaten.

Breakfast (7 a.m.): Orange

Lunch (12:15 p.m.): This mini veggie sandwich thing... free from work. 1 cookie.

Dinner (7 p.m.): See pic below. Asparagus (which I didn't end up finishing), mushrooms, and 2 boiled eggs.

Exercise: 30 mins. of elliptical. I did 15 mins in the hot tub. Hoping it helps with my soreness. 

Snack (9:00 p.m.): Greek yogurt.

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