Friday, September 30, 2011


The usual on Friday's. The day should be over. Now. I want to go home.

7:30 a.m: Very little bit of cereal with flax seed anf rice milk. My cereal is gross. It's all bran. Ugh. Time to switch over to something else.

12:30 p.m: Potato salad I made. Same ingredients as yesterday's lunch. Too lazy to repeat.
5:00 p.m: Friday's at work. Chocolate covered almonds and chips. 

Exercise (8:30 p.m): 45 mins on treadmill.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


6:00 a.m: Banana

Exercise (7 a.m.): 45 min boot camp. More like 35, I was 10 mins late cause of the stupid subway delays. The first train is supposed to be there at 6, not 6:20! Stupid TTC.

8:45 a.m: Protein bar

12:15 p.m: Potato salad. Home made! Baby potatoes, garlic (which is apparently heavy because everyone seems to be able to smell it!), parsley, green onion, cilantro, olive oil, lemon juice, salt. Butter tart from the farmer's market. It wasn't even me who bought it this time. A co-worker. Ah well.

6:30 p.m: Banana while I was making dinner. Asparagus in butter with parmesan cheese. Tomato, olive oil, garlic and goat cheese all mixed up and had as a dip with blue corn organic tortilla chips.
Pretty good.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


9:00 a.m: Oatmeal with protein powder, cinnamon, water and banana. Power breakfast! All organic, woot!

12:30 p.m: Middle Eastern mix. I ate half.
4:30 p.m: Small piece of cake. Very small, I swear!

6:30 p.m: Still at work so I had the leftovers I avoided eating earlier from last night's shitty dinner. I had to add some cheese to give it more flavour. Didn't help. When I get home I'm gonna want something.

8:30 p.m: Avocado, lemon juice, garlic, salt. Tortilla chips.

Sucks I couldn't go to the gym today. Work killed my session. Now it's too late. Maybe I'll go at 10 after Modern Family. Let's see how I feel.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


6:00 a.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, strawberry, banana, protein powder.

Exercise (7 a.m.): 45 minute boot camp.

8:45 a.m: 3 mini pancakes with homemade maple syrup. So good!! So I came to work and there's this meeting going on. A co-worker is making pancakes on a griddle. They offered. I took.

1:00 p.m: Great day. Big meeting at work so food all over. Lunch was catered and like a sneaky, cheap bastard I waited til they were done and crept up to get some. Kindred Spirits Catering. My new fave. Veggie wrap, spinach salad with walnuts and delicious dressing of some sort, tomato with cheeeeeeeese! :)
3:30 p.m: Almonds and a few chocolate covered pretzels.

7:00 p.m: Fail! So in my attempt to make a quick pasta, I dropped waaaaay too much flax seed in the pan and it turned out gross. Nonetheless, I ate it. It was edible, I guess.  Ingredients were olive oil, lemon juice, flax seed, green onion, parmesan cheese, whole wheat macaroni, tomato, asparagus, spinach. Barf. I have enough for another meal. Ugh. At least it's healthy...
I call it, sludge.
8:00 p.m: My favourite snack. Better than snacking on chips! Looks like I am feeding my pet rabbit but no, that's my plate. :) Kale, toasted with some olive oil and salt.
Watching The Biggest Loser. Trying to get into it. Maybe it'll motivate me. I'm almost out of personal trainer sessions and I can't afford more.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Overrrrrrr it.

7:30 a.m: Cereal with flax seed, rice milk.

10:00 a.m: Small cinnamon bun. Bah.

12:15 p.m: Made some lunch last night for today. Go me! Tomato, quinoa, parmesan cheese, garlic, green onion, parsley, cilantro, salt/pepper, olive oil, lemon juice.
5:00 p.m: Energy protein bar.

Exercise (6:00 p.m): 1 hour with trainer, 30 mins on treadmill.

8:15 p.m: Salad. Spinach, cilantro, tomato, green onion, goat cheese, olive oil, lemon juice. 
crappy photo.
9:30 p.m: Banana, kale toasted with olive oil and some salt.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I don't know what is going on but I can't stop watching this video. How cute is this dog?!? It's like a little teddy bear!!
I'm not a pet person at all. I can handle them in other people's home's, but it's not for me. This dog made me consider getting a dog for like 10 minutes. Then it passed.

It officially passed when my dreams told me I can't do a pet either. I had a dream the other night that I had these 2 cute puppies and then I came home from work and picked them up and was like petting them and realised they weren't moving. I then proceeded to put them in some water hoping they drink it and come back to life. They drowned. It was then I realised that I was so busy thinking they were cute that I forgot to feed them. The world's way of telling me not to get a pet. I can't get the gross feeling I had in my dream of having a dead animal in my hands out of my head. Ewwwwwwww.


11:00 a.m: Cereal with flax seed and rice milk.

12:30 p.m: Ugh. Yes, AGAIN! Green beans in garlic sauce and fried tofu.
6:30 p.m: Veggie burrito.

7:15 p.m: Marble Slab.

My eating habits suck these days so I have no right to complain about the fact that I think I've lost like no weight.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


2:00 p.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, flax seed, protein powder, banana, strawberry.

3:00 p.m: Smushed up an avocado with lemon juice, garlic and salt. Had with some organic blue corn tortilla chips.

9:00 p.m: Medium fries from Wendy's. Two white chocolate macademia cookies from Tim Horton's. 

Weird food day. I was busy.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Now let this day be over. How glorious it was to get up at 7:30 this morning and not 5:30. Damn the gym! No gym for the next few days though. I have my reasons.

8:00 a.m: Banana

12:30 p.m: Leftovers from last night. Will also be my dinner! I overbought out of pure greed.
4:30 p.m: Some cheese and crackers, a few chips at work.
6:30 p.m: Last of the leftover take out. Cantonese show mein.
12:30 a.m: Fries. Yea, I was still out. Whatever. Didn't get to bed til like 3 a.m. so I knew I'd get hungry!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Come onnnnnn Friday, I'm rooting for ya! Come sooner.

5:45 a.m: Protein shake. Strawberry, banana, rice milk, protein powder.

Exercise (7:00 a.m): 45 min boot camp. Most out of shape girl in class, right over here.

12:30 p.m: Ravi soups again. Mushroom soup, biscuit, then had this little sandwich with like brie and veggies. Followed by a pecan tart.

7:30 p.m: Not proud of this at all. My stomach is huge right now.  So, um, I never ever order in food but I did. Congee Time. Mix of Asiany food. Lots of greens actually but nonetheless, too much food. Embarrassing! No photo, obviously. :P

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Mid week... boooo.

6:45 a.m: Protein bar. It was a big one so I had half before and the other half after my workout.

Exercise (7 a.m.): 1 hour with trainer.

12:45 p.m: So we went to Fynn's of Temple for lunch. I had a delicious lunch, took a photo, and now just deleted it by accident. Booo. You'll have to imagine it. It was salad, and a quinoa, tofu, vegetable pie type thing with tomato sauce. Tasty!

7:00 p.m: Once again, same shit, different day. Hah! I am out of the ingredients though so might not see this for a few days. Green beans with parmesan and the tomato, feta concoction.
8:15 p.m: I ate again. Meh. Oatmeal with flax seed, protein powder, cinnamon, water, banana.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


5:45 a.m: Little bit of cereal with rice milk, granola bar.

Exercise (7 a.m.): 45 minute boot camp.

10:30 a.m: Half a carrot muffin.

12:30 p.m: Went to lunch at Ravi Soups. The usual mushroom soup with veggie wrap. Ran into the mishkebob there. Fun surprise!

5:00 p.m: Another granola bar. I was stuck at work and hungry.

8:30 p.m: See below. I'm so predictable. Same shit, different day, slight variations. Potato, green beans with parmesan, other thing is a mix of olive oil, lemon juice, tomato, feta cheese, parsley, green onion, garlic, salt and pepp.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Lazy Vegetarian

I'm really surprised I've kept this blog up for so long now. I thought I'd get sick of it. But a part of me feels like if I stop I am giving up. I am not at my 30 pounds yet (it's taking forever!!) so I can't stop.

I do have a plan though. This blog has also been documenting my transition to being a vegetarian. I never saw that coming. But, it's forced me to also try new recipes as I can't use meat as a base to my meals. Anyways, here is my post daily blog plan.

The Lazy Vegetarian.

That will be my new blog name. I need to venture out more into new recipes for vegetarians. But, let's face it, I'm still me and I don't have time to slave over a stove for an hour. So, the theme will be vegetarian cooking under 30 minutes a meal.

Good plan!?! I think so! :)


I need to stop doing this. I keep screwing up my neck while working out. It's stiff again. UGH!! I hope it doesn't get any worse. If it keeps going by lunch I'll need to cancel gym later.

8:00 a.m: Oatmeal, flax seed, protein powder, cinnamon, water, banana.

11:00 a.m: Granola bar

12:30 p.m: My usual medley of middle eastern salads and falafel.
3:30 p.m: Baby carrots

Exercise (5:30 p.m): 1 hour with trainer.

7:15 p.m: Potatoes, 2 scrambled eggs with butter, asparagus, red pepper, green onion, feta. The feta really made this delicious.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Unexpected day.
I slept in waaaaay too long because I had no plan what so ever. Then at like 1 I get a call that some friends were nearby and going to this Korean festival down the street from me (I live in Korea town...) so I said F it, I'm going.

1:15 p.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, water, protein powder, flax seed, banana, strawberry.

2:30 p.m: Cram all you can in a styrofoam container for $5! Go Korea! Pretty much glass noodles and potato. Good stuff. Filling.
4:30 p.m: Haven't had this in soooo long and it's sooo good. They call it "Chocolate toast". Also had a coconut smoothie. In retrospect, I couldv'e been happy with just one one but no, I am a greedy inner fatty. :)
Exercise (6:30 p.m): Spent about an hour at the gym. I may have pulled something in my neck. Boooo.

8:00 p.m: Fried zucchini, potato, asparagus w/ parmesan cheese.
Watching the Emmy's. Modern Family is killing it! :)

I think I'll end up having an avocado later. It's going bad and fuck, those things are like $2.50 and go bad the minute you bring it home. Ugh. I'm eating it just so I don't lose my money.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Off to the parent's house today. But before I do...

1:00 p.m: Boiled baby potatoes, asparagus fried in olive oil with parmesan cheese on top, A medley of tomato, feta cheese, green onion, cilantro, olive oil, S&P. Pretty good.
4:00 p.m: Scoop of cappuccino frozen yogurt in waffle cone. My parent's always have ice cream damnit. 

8:00 p.m: Friends. Went to Congee Time. The place of "order a bunch of plates and share and your bill is always incredibly low". In any case, I pretty much just ate the green beans and tofu. We also had ice cream sandwiches later.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Ah, that Fall feeling is in the air. Love it.
I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow with the cold air coming in and feeling it slightly through my blanket. Yea Fall!
I also busted out my Fall jacket this morning. It's my most expensive purchase in clothes (it's leather) and now I'm mad cause it looks weird on me and I don't think I'll wear it much. I've now had it for the 3rd season but it's good as new. I should sell it.

9:00 a.m: Granola bar

12:00 p.m: Indian buffett. 'nuff said.

4:30 p.m: Had some chips and chocolate covered almonds. Work. Temptation. The usual.

Exercise (7:30 p.m): 1 hour on treadmill. Good music is all you need.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


5:30 a.m: Cereal, flax seed, rice milk.

Exercise (7 a.m.): 45 min boot camp.

8:35 a.m: Snacking on almonds.

12:30 p.m: Ok, so there was a catered lunch at work for a meeting that's going on. Love when this happens, it's always delicious. Some os us stalk the kitchen until it's over and grab the leftovers. I was hungry so I had some food and then again, after. Whatever. So good.
Goat cheese wrap and pears in a salad. Fancy shmancy.
2:45 p.m: Fuuuuuuuudge. Ok, not fudge like as in chocolate. I just didn't feel like cursing. But, that's how I feel. I had like maybe 5 of the mini cinnamon donuts. So F-ing good.

4:00 p.m: Banana

7:15 p.m: Something kinda new. Green beans fried in olive oil, parmesan cheese to top it off. The other thing is just a combo of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, garlic, green onion, parsley, cilantro, quinoa.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


6:00 a.m: Banana

Exercise (7 a.m): 1 hour with trainer. I was kinda sore everywhere so that was an interesting workout. Trying to work all muscles that aren't sore so the sore one's don't die more. Good times. Not really.

8:30 p.m: Handful of almonds.

I decided to wear my heels (more like wedges) today. I feel an embarassing fall coming.

12:30 p.m: Falafel sandwich. It was free with my collection of frequent customer stamps. What can I say? I like me some falafel these days.

5:30 p.m: 2 eggs scrambled with butter, red pepper, spinach, corn. Baked beans.

No Meat.

I did a little digging through this blog and the last piece of meat (minus the random shrimp in sushi here and there...) was May 19. This post.
I like to think that was the final straw where I was grossed out by meat. That sandwich was weird.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who the hell is this?

So, my whole life I've been a "plan the night before" kinda person. I'd like to get as much sleep in time in the morning as possible so I get my shit together before bed so I'm out the door as fast as I can in the morning.
So, I was figuring out what to wear tomorrow because the weather is getting colder and I couldn't be happier. Apparently I'm the only one. Whatever, Fall rocks. I'm rambling. So yea, I tried the outfit below on and I love it so much I am posting it.
I am happy about it. I love it. I've never fit into a good blazer. Let alone a blazer from H&M, and one that is a smaller size than usual. Yay! :)
As if I'd show my night time face. Hah!
I know you love the shitty bathroom self photo. Sadly you don't get to see my badass pumps!

Hmm, I can actually pass as a skinny person in this photo. Deceiving. ;) Flab is not seen at all. Good job Narine.


5:30 a.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, water, banana, strawberry, protein powder. Blend!

Exercise (7 a.m): Welcome back boot camp! You suck.

9:00 a.m: Snacking on baby carrots.

Ok, so this morning on the subway ride in I was sitting next to this lady that was with me for like hmmm 10 stops? 15 minutes. So, I noticed she blew her nose and then proceeded to hold the tissue up to her nose for the rest of the ride. I panicked. She's obviously sick and I picture it happening Contagion style where the bacteria is like in the air. At one point I could smell something and that's the moment I said "It's over, I just inhaled her bacteria, FUCK". Here I am, 11:30 a.m, I've had nothing but healthy eating and exercise so far and what? My stomach hurts and I'm freezing. SHIT. I swear if I'm getting sick... ugh...
Well, bloggy will be the first to know about it and the wonderful details about it.
I don't do sick. Ever.

12:00 p.m: Good ol Ravi Soups. So good. Mushroom something or other and veggie wrap. You know it's gonna be delicious when the wrap has sweet potato and brie cheese in it. Good stuff.
1:15 p.m: Yea so? I had some yogurt covered pretzels. So? Shudup!! Also had a handful of almonds.

6:30 p.m: I swear I eat enough food for two people. Do I? My plates always seem overly full. But, it's always veggies soooo I don't know. Anyways, fried zucchini and boiled potato with greek yogurt. Kinda boring but it's all I had around.
Hmm, good news is I don't think I'm sick (as per my earlier freak out). Bad news, I'm really sore. Hardcore gym is back and I'm feeling it big time.

Monday, September 12, 2011


9:15 a.m: Oatmeal, flax seed, protein powder, cinnamon, banana, water.

12:15 p.m: Salad with a whole bunch of shit in there. Familiar sight I suppose.

That thing in the top right is a tofu chunk. Looks weird, I know.
4:00 p.m: I may have had a biscuit. Then, a mini donut. I'm horrible. Damn my sweet tooth.

Exercise (5:15 p.m): 1 hour with trainer.

7:15 p.m: Two scrambled eggs with butter, spinach, red pepper. Fried zucchini, baked beans.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


1:00 p.m: Banana

1:30 p.m: Mixed the wheatberry salad from yesterday's lunch with spinach. Had 1 hard boiled egg as well.

Exercise (5:00 p.m): 45 mins at the gym.

6:30 p.m: Rest of the wheatberry salad, fried zucchini, potato salad (made of potato, parsley, green onion, cilantro, salt/pepp, olive oil). All from the farmer's market! All natural! 
8:45 p.m: Toasted kale with olive oil and salt. I'm quite the olive oil eater aren't I? meh. 

I think the time has come for me to find another new recipe. I'm starting to recycle the same old crap again.

On an exercise note, boot camp starts again on Tuesday. Living out of a gym bag is back. I'll survive. I need too. I've slacked and I don't think I've lost a single pound in the last month. I need this boot camp to help me out. August was rough.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Feel good today. I gotta get back on healthy eating though. I feel like I've lost no weight since my last weigh-in. Shitty.

LOSING WEIGHT IS NOT EASY. Just thought I'd yell that to you. All the power to you if you are trying too.

12:30 p.m: Cereal with flax seed and rice milk.

3:00 p.m: Finally got groceries. Toasted kale with olive oil, salt. Salad made with parsley, cilantro, wheatberry, tomato, sunflower seeds, green onion, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt/pepper.
7:30 p.m: Protein shake. Protein powder, strawberry, banana, rice milk. 

8:30 p.m: Went to Boston Pizza. Had a salad, Delicious. I think the ingredients were lettuce, corn, cheese, ranch dressing, tomato, salsa and nachos.  
10:00 p.m: Met some more friends at Tim Horton's for coffee. No one told me it was gonna be one with a Cold Stone in it. I caved and had ice cream. So good.

Friday, September 9, 2011


6:00 a.m: Apple

Exercise (7:00 a.m): 1 hour with trainer. Ugh, morning's.

9:00 a.m: Protein shake from Booster Juice again.

1:00 p.m: Lunch with the co-workers at Jack Astor's. They have a terrible menu for vegetarians. If you take meat out of any dish, it sounds incredibly boring. Ah well. I had the veggie pad thai. Very runny, I wouldn't get it again. Regret!

5:00 p.m: Some chocolate covered almonds. A cupcake.

7:15 p.m: Falafel sandwich.

10:45 p.m: Slice of cake, still leftover from my b-day. Gonna have to throw the rest out.

I'm not eating healthy. Ugh.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am sore today from yesterday's workout. Feels good though.

9:00 a.m: Booster juice, Bananas-a-whey. 26 grams of protein in this sucker.

12:30 p.m: Homemade tabouli and baked zuchinni. Onion and tomato as garnish.
I also went to the farmer's market and got some great produce. Excited for food later!

1:30 p.m: Damn that Farmer's market. I got a small pecan butter tart. So good. I shared with the class! :)

5:30 onwards: Went to Alice Fazooli's for a goodbye party for a co-worker (shout out cause I know she'll probably read this!). Had some goat cheese dip with bread and chips. Latr in the night I sipped on some alcoholic fruity drink. Meh. Not my thing! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday. More importantly, my birthday.

Another year older. I've come a long way since last year this time. I won't bore you with the details.

6:00 a.m: Little bit of tabouli. Weird, I know, get over it. There was nothing else in the fridge!

Exercise (7 a.m): 1 hour with trainer.

9:30 a.m: 12 grain bagel toasted with butter. B-day treat from a co-worker.

1:00 p.m: Lunch at Shoeless Joe's with the work crew for the b-day. Sausage fest. haha. All boys. Do I have no female friends at work!?! I do. Kennedy, I missed you there.Ah well, you're in Berlin now. Fancy shmancy. Anyways, I had some veggie wrap with a ceaser salad. it was mediocre. Then, staff embarrassed me by singing to me and bringing me some ice cream over top nachos with cinnamon. So good. I had a bit but shared it. 

7:00 p.m: So, impromptu dinner with friends. Really good times. Had what I've been wanting for a long time but this workout hardcore action has stopped me. A badass waffle with ice cream and all the fixins. Yup. I did it all and loved every second of it. So, yea, dessert for dinner. Then, a slice of cake later.
Had a great birthday today. Especially considering I had no plan whatsoever. I really felt the love. Oddly, on facebook too. It seems like everyone and their uncle was just saying happy birthday on there. I was just surprised I guess. I just never see birthday's as such a big deal I guess. But it was kinda nice today. Hadn't felt that in a while!

I think I'm happy with my situation at 27. Good friends, good job, independence. I think I like it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


5:30 a.m: Bran cereal with flax seed, rice milk.

Exerise (7:00 a.m): So, I thought maybe boot camp started up again today but yea, no. I probably should've calld first. Anyways, I worked out for like 45 mins.

But yes folks, you read it, I joined boot camp again for 3 months. Tues/Thurs @ 7 a.m. Let the depression begin.

My pants feel tighter today. I am not a fan of this.

12:15 p.m: Make your own salad dealy I always do. Followed by a protein bar as my dessert.
7:00 p.m: My parents came over with food. Mmmm. Home made tabouleh and zucchini of some sort. It was gooood.
Small plate! Cake for dessert. :)

Oh. P.S. It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm 27. Yeehaa. I was expecting nothing. I never celebrate my b-day. I think I'm over it. I don't like attention and I can't go having a day that's all about me. It makes me uncomfortable. If anyone else wants to celebrate me, be my guest. I'm just not gonna be the one to do it.
So, yea, my parents got me a TV. Uhm, awesome. It's for my bedroom though. I randomly was telling them that I keep falling asleep on the couch and that I want a small TV in my room. They actually were listening to me I guess! I feel bad though. They got a good TV, not a cheapo one like I would've. It's my room - I don't care about quality. Ah well. I shouldn't complain! I think a trip to IKEA is in order for a cool little shelf to put this one. It's going up on the wall baby!
Happy Birthday to me I guess!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Nothing like a day off. It's freezing out and I love everything about it.

4:00 p.m: Ate some food at the parent's house. Followed by some chocolate.
Grilled zucchini, mushroom, hummus, coleslaw.
<><><>Exercise (8:00 p.m): 45 mins
<><><>9:00 p.m: The usual. Put everything in a pan. Tomato, zucchini, quinoa, corn, carrot, peas, mushroom, broccoli, garlic, S&P, olive oil. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011


12:00 p.m: Hmm, woke up and basically just screwed around for a bit. We decided to just hit up the casino buffett. Here is my shameful display.
Food looks larger than it really was! Damn photo.
5:30 p.m: Onion bagel with cream cheese.

7:30 p.m: Banana
Who wouldn't want to bite into a 5lb chocolate bar!?!


Day 1 in Niagara Falls. I had a great time. I've been so many times been it's really the people you go with that make it. We did a lot of shopping. Good times. We never even went to the Falls even though we were like down the street from it. Meh. I don't care enough to do a play by play but here are some highlights.

Veggies and dip. I tried!
I had a blizzard from DQ later. OMG IT WAS GOOD.

I also went to the casino. I made $75 profit! woohoo!!

At about 2 a.m. my chest also started hurting. The usual chest pain I get (that sounds horrible..) but this time it didn't go away til like maybe 6 a.m. I barely slept. I decided it was because I clearly ate extremely unhealthy and my body was confused.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Ah, day off. Awesome.
I'm headed to Niagara Falls with some friends (no boys allowed!) until Sunday. Yea I've been like a million times but whatever, it's a cheap and not too far getaway. So, no updates this week-end til I get back. Can you handle that? Haha. I know, you'll be waiting at the edge of your seat for my updates on what I ate. So exciting. :P

10:30 a.m: Oatmeal, protein powder, flax seed, cinnamon, banana, water.

Exercise (11 a.m): Finally! Tried to do something before this week-end, where I will get no exercise. Lots of walking though I suppose. Anyways, did 45 mins on treadmill.

2:00 p.m: Made a quick potato salad before it's time to go.
Potato, parsley, onion, lemon juice, olive oil, S&P
Ok, Updating this now on Sunday night.
Let's see what I can remember.

4:00 p.m: Falafel sandwhich.

Kit kat in the car, ice capp later on,  then we had nachos at a pub later in the night. That's all I remember.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday, but really Friday.

7:15 a.m: Cereal with flax seed, rice milk.

12:30 p.m: I actually made myself a lunch for today, last night. No photo but ingredients were tomato, garlic, wheatberry, sunflower seeds, green onion, parsley, olive oil, salt/pepper, lemon juice.

2:45 p.m: Apple

4:30 p.m: Oh, you know how it is. Work pre-week-end meeting full of snacks. I had some of the usual. Chips, cheese, crackers, chocolate covered almonds. F you.

7:00 p.m: Random mix of stuff. Leftover beans from yesterday, more of what I had for lunch, 2 hard boiled eggs, kale toasted with olive oil and salt. Did the trick.
When was the last time I worked out? Oh God. You should know I don't work out for like 5 days out of the month ;) Guess why.