Saturday, June 25, 2011


I think I'm getting sick. Ah well, the usual, I'll carry on like I'm fine and let it pass drug free.

12:00 p.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, strawberry, banana, protein powder. Blend!

Exercise (12:45 p.m): 30 mins on treadmill. Not feeling 100% so I don't wanna push it. Considering what I ate yesterday I probably should.

3:30 p.m: Veggies and hummus. Didn't finish all the asparagus. Never tastes as good after the first time it's cooked. I also am now gonna have this ice cream sandwich. It's some low fat one but full of sugar though :(
8:30 and onward: Met up with friends at 3 Brewers Yonge/Dundas. Had a bunch of things. I eat out waaaaay too much. Anyways, started off with French onion soup. Had a delicious salad, like, really tasty. Had artichoke, candied pecans, goat cheese, cranberry, yellow peppers and arugula. So good. Then later had half of this crepe thingie. Delicious as well. See you may see this as "Wow, you had a lot of food" but really, I didn't drink soooo the beers you may have had is equivalent to me having desert so shush. I bet if I didn't eat out so much I'd be losing weight faster. Meh. I still want to enjoy life. I just work out to make up for it! P.S. My photos are crap!
Flam Banana and sex with vanilla ice.

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