Sunday, August 21, 2011


12:30 p.m: Scrambled 2 eggs with butter, frozen veggies, green onion. Fried some zucchini in olive oil.
5:30 p.m: Salad. Arugula, goat cheese, TVP, red pepper, green onion, fried zucchini, balsamic dressing.
Exercise (6:30 p.m): 45 mins in gym.

8:00 p.m: Banana

10:00 p.m: Scoop of cookies n cream ice cream at the parents house.

10:30 p.m - 2:30 a.m: Oh God. I went to a house party. There were some delicious finger foods there so I was basically snacking on that all night. Not healthy, but delicious. Awesome party too.

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