Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who the hell is this?

So, my whole life I've been a "plan the night before" kinda person. I'd like to get as much sleep in time in the morning as possible so I get my shit together before bed so I'm out the door as fast as I can in the morning.
So, I was figuring out what to wear tomorrow because the weather is getting colder and I couldn't be happier. Apparently I'm the only one. Whatever, Fall rocks. I'm rambling. So yea, I tried the outfit below on and I love it so much I am posting it.
I am happy about it. I love it. I've never fit into a good blazer. Let alone a blazer from H&M, and one that is a smaller size than usual. Yay! :)
As if I'd show my night time face. Hah!
I know you love the shitty bathroom self photo. Sadly you don't get to see my badass pumps!

Hmm, I can actually pass as a skinny person in this photo. Deceiving. ;) Flab is not seen at all. Good job Narine.


  1. Awesome outfit! Looking good Narnie! :-)

  2. whoa heeeyyyyy
    let's reflect on our first days with jose.. look at you now!

  3. haha I will never forget walking down the stairs out of his studio and feeling muscle pain for the first time ever.