Saturday, November 12, 2011


10:00 a.m: 2 eggs scrambled in some butter.

Exercise (11:30 a.m): 1 hour at the gym. Good music will let you work through anything. Today's work out was brought to you by Stone Temple Pilots.

3:30 p.m: Went to the parent's house. Lipton chicken noodle soup with some crackers. Is there actually chicken in these? I guess it's stock. Meh. 

6:30 p.m: Falafel sandwich

8:00 p.m: Grilled cheese sandwich, banana


  1. K. 18.2 lbs is a lot. Think about a 20lb weight.. that's crazy!!

  2. I know... sometimes I'll lift like 15 pounder and think, hmm, I lost all this off me. I had been carrying all that around all the time.