Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Never Satisfied.

So, kinda a stupid post here.
I've been noticing something about myself I don't like lately. I don't know if I've always had it but I've definitely noticed it more having lost some weight.
The thing that sucks for you here is that I'm not going to say what it is. If I do, you'll notice it and it'll be all you see when talking to me.
Point is, wtf. I get skinnier and something else gets worse.
Ugh. Ask me in person and I may tell you what it is. Although, not like anyone is going to be honest with me.


  1. what! ugh! is it your long flowing hair? too flowy for you?

  2. Bwhahahaa...I agree with Michelle.

    You are perfect, Naaaaaaarine!!!!! :P

  3. I can't tell you what it is!
    Then you'll notice!