Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yesterday was jam packed so I don't care enough to post my every move.  Point form?

- breakfast: Nutella on Melba toast
- lunch: The kale, avocado, tomato salad I love
- snack: Bounty chocolate bar, handful of kettle chips
- dinner: Pretty healhy salad again. Dessert though. Delish.
- late night: Went for gelato randomly. F-ing good.
-later night: 2 veggie spring rolls, cake

So my day? Niagara Falls. I profited $90! WHATUP! haha The slots went off, it was nice. Then we ended up at Hollywood gelato via random iphone search on ride back. Tehn a friend's house for board games, karaoke and the Kinect dance off game. I did nothing. I'm too reserved for all that dontcha know? :)

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