Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day at work

So, apparently my new work is really into Valentine's Day. Like, REALLY into it.
I, however, am not. Never cared about it and it's usually just another day. This year is different I suppose.
So the game plan is that everyone at work picked a random name of another co-worker. You're supposed to do something for them, anything. People in years past have gone way out. It's not always been as simple as "I'll get them some chocolates"... people have gone so far as creating web-sites. Gah.
I've picked my person. I suppose I can say it on here because well, only one co-worker reads this and she already knows who I have. It's this girl. I barely know her. I barely know anyone - I've been working there a month. So yea, you do this and on V-Day there's some game where you guess who has who. I'm sure everyone will guess I had her. If you win though, you get some sweet prize.

My plan.

Seven days of homemade treats. 

Starting tomorrow I am going to secretly leave her treats with little poems and stuff. Kinda fun I think? Not creepy? I don't know. It's the best I can come up with! The down side is that every day I have to make something.

That's where my favourite blog Chocolate Covered Katie comes in. Everything* is going to be vegan! :0) But she'll never know! Stay tuned for Day # 1 photo. I just popped it into the fridge to cool.
*k, not everything will be vegan. There may be a day I fail and bake a box cake. We'll see.

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