Thursday, September 20, 2012

Agency Wars

Ladies and gentlemen, all maybe six people who I think read this, I made it...

I am in Agency Wars!!!

I'm so excited. I got chosen as an 'alternate' but apparently every year the alternates all get to fight because a few people always drop out. Fingers crossed! Regardless, I just scored myself three months worth of free training and I get to be a certified amateur boxer in the end. WHO AM I!?! When did I become this person?

Anyway, finally this blog gets a bit of an exciting change. Hopefully this will be my last push to lose the final 10 pounds (or more?). Whether I get punched in the face and killed or be awesome and kick someone's ass, I am still proud of myself for following through and even doing it.

Fight is December 5th!!

Here is a video of my friend Filip's fight I saw at Agency Wars 2. It's what inspired me to try out!



    I'm so happy for you!!!

    Um, if someone hurts you, I'm gonna kill them! ;P

  2. hearts on fire, haha