Monday, October 14, 2013


- Quinoa, egg whites and blueberries scrambled with a little butter.
- Almonds
- purée of lentils with salad. Two servings. Parents house. My fave.

- Peice of toast with a slice of cheese and tomato,  toasted. BREAD. Always a treat when I go to my parents house. 
- pie thing my mom made
- Gym yo. Treadmill run was intense. Zoned out to thoughts of kicking ass in the ring. 
- 3 rice cakes

I've gone a bit rogue on the diet plan. Shhhh. I'm using elements from it but making it work for my life. This doesn't mean Im eating like shit. This means I know what the intention was and I'm following it. I basically am eating a LOT more protein. This could all be easier if I just ate eat. Meh. Don't want it.

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  1. bread is the beessssssssst. We had a lunch n learn today and they brought Subway Subs. I had 2. (they were small) and one of them was egg salad in honour of you. No regrets. Also no one else wanted the egg salad but Krista was like, "Narine would be all over this" lulz