Monday, April 18, 2011

Suddenly Monday

It's a short week (Friday off!!) so already I am excited.

Breakfast (7:30 a..m): Rice milk with granola cereal. Two days in a row! Need to go grocery shopping.

Current contents of my fridge: Marble cheese, Greek yogurt, rice milk, carrots, baby potatoes... wow, I think that's it.

Lunch (1 p.m.): Greek chicken salad. 4 mini chocolate milk eggs. You know, those tiny foil covered one's that are everywhere during Easter... bah. Work has too many temptations.

I'm finally seeing some progress so I'm extra motivated to work my ass off every time I'm at the gym. Like tonight, I know it's gonna be a tough one. I think I'm on arms duty and for some reason, I find it tougher than legs. In any case, I shall do it and suffer the pain!

Exercise (5:30 - 7 p.m.): 20 mins. on elliptical and 1 hour personal training session. My ass got kicked today.

Dinner (8 p.m.): Protein shake. Berries, banana, rice milk and protein powder.

9:00 p.m: Soooo protein shake was not filling. I was hungry. I had lahmajoun. See below or google it, I'm too lazy to explain with it is! Damn, it tasted delicious. I think I needed some good food.

6 a.m. treadmill run in the morning! Goodnight.

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