Monday, April 18, 2011

Shameless Plug's.

So, time to promote my gym's.
No one really reads this thing but I find when you use brand names blogs come up in Google searches. So, I'm hoping someone will google the following and get directed to me and read my positive words!

So, I go to two gym's right now. Holistic Jose and Cardio Go.

Holistic Jose
A friend and I found Jose's boot camp off a Living Social coupon. We thought, hey, why not try it? We did it for a month and liked it enough that we stayed. Essentially, you go to two 45 minute classes a week and focus on either arms or legs. It's not all working with machinery. It's a lot of stuff just you and the ground... I guess it's circuit training. See photo's below of examples. Anyways, I think what I like most about it is the atmosphere. Jose is a nice guy and he's not the kind of person who's yelling at you and making you feel like crap if you can't do something. He keeps you positive and you have fun exercising - is there such a thing?? You listen to some 90's slow jam's (haha, ok not always, maybe once or twice it happened!) and just go all out for 45 mins. Conveniently located in Union Station's Skywalk so it's nice for the downtown TO crowd.

Cardio Go @ The King West Club
So I joined this gym out of nowhere. One day I found another coupon online and figured, let me go in and ask about it. It's right next to my work. I go to the one at King/Duncan. So I walk in, expecting typical gym attitude and snobbiness. Opposite. Everyone was real nice. Long story short, I walked out of there with a month to month membership (no contract). I felt, oh no, you've been suckered into a gym!! I hate gym's. A few days later I did an assessment and after that, I ended up getting a personal trainer. Again, suckered!! At first I was bitter about the money part but then thought screw it, it's your health. So my trainer, let's call her... Sarah. Don't know if she'd want her name plastered over the Internet. I wonder if there's a Sarah there already? hmm. Anyways, it's working out well. This gym is not like others Ive been too. For one, they play Edge 102 and not top 40 all day, which I like. It felt good being on a treadmill while something like Soundgarden came on vs. The Black Eyed Peas.

Ok. the real shit. The good part is that I always feel welcome there. I walk in and it's like everyone seems to know my name and I truly feel like they give a shit. It doesn't seem like a big corporation where the staff is there one day and gone the next. Everyone seems like they're friends and genuinely good people. They have lots of equipment and a reallllly nice change room. Variety of people there from all walk's of life.


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