Saturday, April 9, 2011

My legs are quite sore today. I wanted to work out in the morning but I am delaying it maybe until later tonight. I blame the walking lunges!

Brunch (1 p.m.): Protein shake. Strawberries, banana, rice milk, ice, protein powder.

Went to the parent's house, finally. Not good.

I'm recapping cause I had no internet while I was there so no clue of time but this is what I ate...

Maybe about 10 almonds.
My aunt was frying ground beef and the smell was too delicious to pass up. I put some in pita bread and ate it. To die for. I killed my "no red meat" in 2011. Meh! 3 months was long enough!

The following. My mom made taboule and I made my zuccini stuffed with more zuccini, rice, veggies, sunflower seeds and cheese.

Think that was it for the night! I fell asleep early again, still not feeling well.

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  1. Lol to your aunt frying ground beef and you saying "to die for!". And than you put it in some pita bread... So Armenian... Lol