Thursday, May 19, 2011

Faux Friday

Yeaaaaaa I have tommorow off so it's the Friday feeling today. One thing to do today at work and then I can leave. The question is, how fast will it get done? We'll see.

Exercise (7 a.m.): 45 minute boot camp.

8:30 a.m: Protein bar. I'm getting better at finding protein bars that are not full of sugar. Starting to learn how to read the nutritional labels better. It's funny how in so many protein bars (or granola bars for that matter) you think it's all healthy but what you never notice is that it's loaded with sugar. So you get protein but you also get as much sugar as if you were drinking a can of coke. Soooo yea, wake up call. Check the labels!
I'm going to need to take a trip to Costco to buy a big box. Paying like $3 a bar is getting annoying.

Lunch (12:30 p.m.): Met a friend at Lou Dawg's. I broke the no meat thing. I had a pulled chicken sandwhich and sweet potato fries. The fries were delicious, the sandwhich was not bad. I don't know if I'm a fan of "pulled" sandwhiches. I feel like I needed more greens in there. The photo also looks disgusting. I feel I need to bold that to prove the point. LOOK AT IT.

5 p.m: Not proud. Snacks at work. I had chips and a few slices of cheese.
Update from the day after... came home and had no appetite so yea. I fell asleep at like 8:30 and woke up this morning. What a crap food day! No veggies.

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