Monday, May 16, 2011

Short week! :)

We have Friday off so that's what is going to be my positive reinforcement for the week. 

Breakfast (9 a.m.): Having oatmeal with water, cinnamon and a banana.

Lunch (12:30 p.m.): Mushroom stroganoff with salad. Not sure what's fully in here but it has potatoes, mushrooms, tofu and other stuff. No meat. I ate half that salad. I also had 5 chocolate covered almonds found in the kitchen. I've fallen off the wagon. I feel like the last few days have been un healthy. How do people do this their whole lives!?!
Someone has opened a bag of BBQ chips and it is near my desk. I have snuck a few here and there... 

Exercise (5:15 p.m.): Spent almost an hour at the gym. No trainer today. I focused mostly on legs and did all the machine's I hate. But it was a good workout.
Protein Bar following the workout. Freakin delicious.

7:00 p.m: See below. This is a familiar plate it seems. Potato with greek yogurt and baked asparagus with olive oil and salt. Also made some kale chips (kale baked with drizzle of olive oil and salt). I think I've perfected it, it was delicious!

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