Tuesday, June 21, 2011


6:45 a.m: Banana

Exercise (7 a.m): 45 min. boot camp.

9 a.m: Bananas-a-Whey from Booster Juice. Lotsa protein. Got a calcium shot as well. Apparently if you're a member of my gym you get extra shots. Woot!

There is some Swiss chocolates floating around. I may have had a few pieces.

1:30 pm: Baby carrots and red peppers dipped in hummus. I was too lazy to wash my broccoli last night. Yea.
I also got my hair cut at lunch. I actually kinda might like it, although I feel it's very "momish". But it'll pass. As soon as I wash it and attempt to style it myself it will look back to normal.
I took a photo in the style of a teenage girl on myspace. I'm 26 people. I also have the iphone case of a teenage girl as well. Shut up!
Ummmmm am I also posting a somewhat body shot? What? Who am I? Times have changed.
3:00 p.m: Almonds and some veggie chips.

6 - 11 p.m: Sad times. We went to the Adelaide Street Pub's rooftop patio. All night. The day has come, and now gone. My friend and co-worker is gone :(. As I said to her tonight, "I owe you for this entire exercise journey!" She was the one who originally asked me if I wanted to join a boot camp. I said "Hey, why not?" ... and so it began. Anyways, it was a really fun night. Lots of laughs. You will be missed Mish, don't be a stranger now!
Food: I had pizza as well as some sweet potato fries.
Ok, so this definitely got me the most laughs. My stomach hurt I was laughing so hard. A co-worker, let's call him G, did a yawn and then proceeded to go into the following (33 seconds in). I laughed my ass off. I haven't seen that since I was like 13 or something and I remember loving it. This is why I love my co-workers. Who else would make such a random reference? Love it.

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  1. hahahahha i love that ace ventura reference.. i was dying