Monday, June 20, 2011


6:00 a.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, strawberries, protein powder, flax seed.

Exercise (7:15 a.m): 1 hour personal training. Had to do 20 burpee's at the end. Death. It took me like 2 something minutes. My trainer is doing this contest of who can do 100 burpee's the fastest. So far her fastest person is 3 mins something. Ummmmm I suck.

10:45 p.m: Had half a really small plain bagel with some cream cheese.

12:30 p.m: Went to Ravi Soups. So good. Freakin expensive. I got some mushroom soup with stuff in it. I'm sure it's not that healthy but it's always so damn delicious. I also recommend their wraps.

3:30 p.m: I got hungry and had snackage in the fridge. Figured I'd eat now. Going grocery shopping after work, finally. Tabouli. This is how it's done people. Not the way they sell it in stores. More parsley!
6:00 p.m: I went grocery shopping and bought wheatberry salad again. So freakin good. Had it before I did the haul. Had a roasted potato thing too.
So the grocery store had this cart where the woman was making these things. I don't know what they are but they're kinda like air popped rice cakes. Apparently they're gluten free, vegan, sugar free, fat free and free of everything for only 15 calories! Too good to be true. It tasted good and was only Like $3 for the bag so I got some. Figured it'd be delicious with avocado. They had it with spinach dip which I fell for and bought... just had one. It's like 7.
9:30 p.m: Had a huge bunch of kale. Toasted it lightly in olive oil and salt. That's enough greenery.

Back to Game of Thrones! Good show.

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