Tuesday, June 28, 2011


No bootcamp. My neck is still sore.. ugh!!! Woke up early and iced it for a bit, did nothing. I bought Rub A535 and put it on one side and now the pain is on the other side... WTF. I feel very awkward and uncomfortable. I bought my gym clothes so I can try to work out tonight anyways. I feel like I haven't done anything in days (well, that's cause I haven't) and I feel guilty.

7:00 a.mBlue Menu On Track + Protein cereal with rice milk.

12:00 p.m: Broccoli and baby carrots dipped in hummus. Also had 2 delicious cookies that were laying around. I didn't eat all the veggies... got boring. I'll probably finish it up later in the afternoon.

So there's this blazer I really liked at H&M on Sunday. First, I instantly grabbed the size 12 (yep, I'm a 12, get over it) and I assumed it would not fit. I've never had a blazer. Then, it was big and I was like whaaaaaaaat. So I went to look for a 10 but sadly, it only was in beige colour. I don't do beige. But, the 10 fit perfect! First, OMG I FIT INTO A 10. Second, I need it in black!! So I went back just now to see if they got more and the 10 is gone again. I must find it!

Such exciting blogging going on here. Sense the sarcasm.

7:00 p.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, flax seed, banana, strawberry, protein powder.

Exercise (8:30 p.m): Did 20 mins on treadmill (ran) and then a few floor exercises. Squats and such. My neck actually feels a bit better after the run. Maybe it needed a good shaking. Anyways, gym in the morning so I hope it all works out. Maybe I just need to get a good massage.

10:00 p.m: Late dinner. Friends were over (they played squash as I was in the gym) and we went for food after. Another day of food from the outside... one of these days I will break this streak. Anyways, this cost $8 a person, how can you go wrong?? Vegetable chow mein, fried tofu and veggie fried rice. Yum. Shared between 3 people.

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