Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Extra in the sitcom of my life.

So, there's this man, I've seen him like maybe 4 times in the last year or so. I decided he's an extra in the sitcom that is my life. Why is he memorable? Picture this.

40 something year old man. Tall, heavy set, huge tutu, ladies hat, knee high socks, mary jane shoes, womens shirt. Very Harajuku.

Ummmm, you'll remember this guy. I always see him in random spots around Toronto. No consistency. Ummm the people running my life Truman Show style are screwing up right now. I'm on to him! Anyways, point to this. I enjoy him. I commend his confidence in having the guts to walk outside everyday and look the way he does. Every single time I see him I notice the people around him laughing and staring but he seems to ignore. He's awesome. I wish I had a picture of him.

Until next time, tutu man of Toronto*!

*and now North York! First sighting of him North of the city.

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