Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday. Is Hot.

So, let's do a compare of a screen shot I took off my phone last September when I went to Lebanon and one I took today for today's temperature. We're hotter than the middle east!

Today is my work summer party. We are going to the Toronto islands all day to eat, drink, do activities and hang out. We plan to die in heat.
Exercise (7:00 a.m): 45 min. boot camp. I felt like the fat kid in class! haha I suck at core exercises.

9:00 a.m: Oatmeal with flax seed, cinnamon, banana, water.

So it was hot. I can't believe I spent all day outside. I do not regret one bit bailing on my friends who are going camping this week-end. They'll have fun, but I would've been a crabby biatch all week-end. Anyways it was a good time had by all. Here is how it started...

11:30 a.m: We got subway sandwiches as a lunch. I had a veggie one which is honestly just bread, lettuce, tomato and a cucumber. So I had to add a lot of sub sauce to give it any flavour. So that was that.

We then all got our summer party t-shirts. We get one every year so by now I've gathered a collection. They're all my gym shirts. Anyways, mine was grey and said "To the beat y'all" It's nice. But, kinda snug. I still wore it, I was just self conscious the whole time. All in my head I'm sure. To make myself feel better I just said "Hey, if this were last year you wouldn't even be able to fit into it". So go me. I did take a photo of it but I'm too nervous to post it. Maybe some day.
Shot leaving the city to go to the islands.
We got there and there were snacks. I had some pita and nachos dipped in some dip. No clue what it was but it was tasty. Very fatty I'm sure.

4:00 p.m ish: Veggie burger with corn on the cob and a cookie. I'm apparently the only vegetarian at work so there was one burger for me cooked. Nice! it was pretty good.
The day consisted of some fun activities too. Tug of war (which I like to think my muscle really helped in! haha), water balloon dodgeball, flip cup, broken telephone and a three legged race. Good times.

I was missing some friends who recently left the company. I felt like my crew wasn't there. Sad.

We hung out for the rest of the day til about 7. There were a lot of water fights going on with bottled Dasani water. That shit is like $2.50 a bottle and here we are having fights with it. haha. That's what happens when we don't have to pay. Anyways, I left on the ferry with the crew at 7 and everyone else went to this pub but I was feeling really hot and tired so I just went home to hibernate in my air conditioned bug free home.

I fell asleep at 9:30. Right after Degrassi. :)


  1. awww! i wish we were there too. sadface.

  2. that comment was mishkebob by the way. and this one.