Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last day of vacation. Shitty. I think I'm going to do this again in October or something. I have 2 more weeks of vaca I can take. We'll see.

10:30 a.m: Bran flakes, flax seed, rice milk.

2:00 p.m: Stir fry with greek yogurt. Ingredients are just a whole bunch of veggies in olive oil, with quinoa.
Exercise (3:45 p.m): 30 mins on treadmill. Annoying boys working out together at the gym. I left.

6:00 p.m: Potato salad. Baby potatoes, cilantro, parsley, green onion, garlic, lemon juice, salt/pepper, olive oil. I pretty much have everything in olive oil don't I? meh.
I think it's time for some new recipes. I'm starting to make the same stuff all the time, and it's nothing special. I mean, it tastes good, but I'm just bored again. Must do some recipe googling.

I've decided not to work out again. I'm sick of it today. I've worked out for like 8 days straight or something. I need a break. Back at it tomorrow.

8:00 p.m: Ok, so I had the potato salad again. Sue me.

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