Monday, September 19, 2011

The Lazy Vegetarian

I'm really surprised I've kept this blog up for so long now. I thought I'd get sick of it. But a part of me feels like if I stop I am giving up. I am not at my 30 pounds yet (it's taking forever!!) so I can't stop.

I do have a plan though. This blog has also been documenting my transition to being a vegetarian. I never saw that coming. But, it's forced me to also try new recipes as I can't use meat as a base to my meals. Anyways, here is my post daily blog plan.

The Lazy Vegetarian.

That will be my new blog name. I need to venture out more into new recipes for vegetarians. But, let's face it, I'm still me and I don't have time to slave over a stove for an hour. So, the theme will be vegetarian cooking under 30 minutes a meal.

Good plan!?! I think so! :)

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