Sunday, September 18, 2011


Unexpected day.
I slept in waaaaay too long because I had no plan what so ever. Then at like 1 I get a call that some friends were nearby and going to this Korean festival down the street from me (I live in Korea town...) so I said F it, I'm going.

1:15 p.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, water, protein powder, flax seed, banana, strawberry.

2:30 p.m: Cram all you can in a styrofoam container for $5! Go Korea! Pretty much glass noodles and potato. Good stuff. Filling.
4:30 p.m: Haven't had this in soooo long and it's sooo good. They call it "Chocolate toast". Also had a coconut smoothie. In retrospect, I couldv'e been happy with just one one but no, I am a greedy inner fatty. :)
Exercise (6:30 p.m): Spent about an hour at the gym. I may have pulled something in my neck. Boooo.

8:00 p.m: Fried zucchini, potato, asparagus w/ parmesan cheese.
Watching the Emmy's. Modern Family is killing it! :)

I think I'll end up having an avocado later. It's going bad and fuck, those things are like $2.50 and go bad the minute you bring it home. Ugh. I'm eating it just so I don't lose my money.

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