Monday, November 21, 2011


7:00 a.m: Cereal with flax seed and rice milk

12:30 p.m: I've been craving pizza allll week. Hey, I almost bought a pizza last night to myself but didn't. Anyways, Pizzaiolo. Can't go wrong. So good.
4:00 p.m: 2 "brownie" cookies. They're small. Bahhhh. What the hell was that? What am I, a lamb? I'm keeping it.

6:30 p.m: Mmm. Made a bunch of this stuff. The usual.
Exercise (8:45 p.m): 1 hour of gym.
I can't believe I still do this blog. It's been going on since March. You'd think I'd be over it. Nope, not til 30 pounds!!


  1. go go go go! seems like just yesterday we were looking at the groupon for jose's.. sigh.

  2. memories of how weak I used to be hah