Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, I got weighed and measured again this morning. Boooooooooo!

I was EXACTLY the same as 2 months ago. WTF. Ok so maybe I lost like 1% body fat but still, the scale was the same to the decimal. FAIL!

I don't know. I mean, at least it didn't go up but still. It's strange though cause I feel way more muscle these days than before so I figure that has a lot to do with it. Meh.

Anyways, my trainer has now put me on 'no carbs except at breakfast' for 2 weeks and then I'm getting measured again. She thinks I may have plateaued I guess cause I've been doing the same thing now for a while. Soooo this is gonna be tough. Everything is a carb. We'll see how it goes...

Sorry, no new news to report! Off too google no carb recipes.

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