Wednesday, November 9, 2011


8:00 a.m: Banana

10:30 a.m: Small thingie of greek yogurt

12:30 p.m: Veggie chilli with cheese

3:00 p.m: Junk! Some sugar free chocolate covered almond things, chocolate covered pretzels, and some "veggie" chips. Small portions, I swear!

Exercise (5:15 p.m): 45 mins at gym. I was in mid push up when a co-worker walked in and said there was an emergency at work and I was needed. That's what happens when your gym is next door to your work, and you tell people you work out Wednesday nights. Bah! Anyways, problem was solved. As the co-worker who got me would say, handled it like a bauss. haha.

8:00 p.m: Salad. Damning good. Arugula, red pepper, tomato, asparagus, quinoa, feta cheese, onion, olive oil, lemon, salt.

9:00 p.m: I have been introduced to dragonfruit and love it. Ok, fine, I just think I love the colours. So I took photos :) I ate half.
Exercise (10:00 p.m): 40 mins on the treadmill.


  1. haha, awesome!!! Did Karine (the real and cooler one) introduce you to it?

  2. what does dragon fruit taste like? i imagine it to taste like cold wet kiwi dirt.

  3. haha i just read your 'emergency' situation

    i'm guessing it was either Eliza or Graeme

  4. Dragonfruit tastes likle nothing... seriously. Nothing. It's just pretty to look at!

    Emergency situation... yea, it was Graeme.