Thursday, January 26, 2012


6:00 a.m: Small protein shake. Rice milk, strawberry, banana, protein powder

Exercise (7 a.m): 45 min boot camp

9:00 a.m: These. Bananas all hippie like. Not bad.
1:00 p.m: Unexpected pizza lunch at work.

4:00 p.m: Apple

7:15 p.m: Who says veggie can't be delicious?
8:45 p.m: Home made kale chips. So good. Sucks that kale isn't really in season. When I see it a the grocery store it's exciting. Sad, eh?

9:30 p.m: Ok, I wanted to try the "Healthy cake batter milkshake" and I had all the ingredients. It happened. It was delicious!

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