Tuesday, January 24, 2012


6:00 a.m: Almonds, banana

Exercise (7 a.m.): 45 min boot camp. New instructor. New stuff. Another 3 months paid for!

9:00 a.m: Grapes

12:30 p.m: Met a friend at Fresh. you know, my fave. Tried a reco and it was so F-ing good. Go to Fresh and get the Italian Raw Bowl. Oh, and quinoa onion rings. Damn! Salad is zucchini noodles tossed with basil pesto garnished with kale chips, grape tomatoes, Fresh Protein Boost and sun-dried tomatoes. I know, it is as delicious as it sounds and looks.
7:00 p.m: Now before you're all "holy crap that's a lot of food"... relax, it's 90% veggies so Pfft! I can eat all the veggies I want. This is a stir fry in a pan with coconut oil and some water with Chinese broccoli and regular broccoli, mushrooms. Tempeh on  top. Oh wait, some shredded cheese too, ok?
8:30 p.m: Some fat free cottage cheese

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