Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I put my alarm on for 5 a.m. so I'd go to the gym. I snoozed until 7. F that.

8:00 a.m: Some almond butter on Melba toast.

10:00 a.m: Some crazy smoothie. Here is what I remember being in there. Beets, ginger, honey, brown rice protein, lemon, apple, dates. It's interesting. I mean I'll drink it for the healthiness of it but I won't buy it again.

12:15 p.m: Delicious lunch. Panini sandwich with whole wheat bread, goat cheese, avocado, garlic spread, mushrooms and arugula. Mmmmm!
3:00 p.m: A small piece of homemade almond bread? I don't know what you call it. The kebob made it and it was goooood! Handful of chips too.

7:00 p.m: Tabouli I made. 

Exercise (8:00 p.m): 30 mins on treadmill

9:00 p.m: Stove top popcorn during Modern Family. Good episode.

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