Sunday, April 29, 2012


Took some pics off my phone and figured, hey, I'll put them up online. Meh.

Once again, I love the mirrors in the H&M change rooms. Another one of my hair and *shock!* a pic of me from the back! I'm actually feeling a bit better these days. I think I might be back on track with losing weight. I know I have my down falls with food but I think I pick it up again quick and working out regularly is helping. I think mishkebob will agree, pants suck. Hah. Whenever I wear jeans - I feel fat. Second I put on a dress over some tights, it feels sooo much better.

Ok, this is getting super girly. Here.
I also finally bought a cabinet thing for my "China". I am loving it! :) I have had this thought in my head lately of like "Am I acting like a 27 year old should?" Then I snap out of it. Who cares. Should a 27 year old have a cabinet full of cupcake stuff? No. But this one does.


  1. i'm all about the moomoos these days. or leggings, same same.