Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girl talk.

This has been an interesting week. I bought a LOT of shoes. I don't know what happened. Anyway, I brought them all home and tried them all on to determine comfortability (they're all wedges) and two failed and are getting returned. Actually, they were pretty comfortable but I did the smart thing and am returning on the fact that they aren't going to be as used as they should be. They're more different and frankly it'll be one of those shoes I'll only wear a few times. I can't afford that.
I bought two at Zara. This was one. Very cute and comfy too but I tried it on with like a million outfits and it will only match a few. Sooo... returned! But thought I'd document them anyway, I mean they ARE awesome.
In other news, on Friday at lunch I got my first tattoo. Omagad. It just... happened. Well, not completely. I've been wanting something for ages. I love tattoo's but have been to chicken and really just needed to know what it felt like before committing to something huge. So, I kept it simple. I like it. Even if I didn't, too late! :) It's the rest of my life right? Hah. I don't care. When I'm 50 I'll look back and say "That was me at 27 and I'm proud." It has no story, no meaning.. it's just, art. A little token that will always remind me of who am I today. I like it.
Fresh and scabby! ;)