Monday, July 2, 2012


Happy Canada Day!
Day off. Woohoo!
My work made this video for our client, Molson, and it's taking off on YouTube. It actually went viral.

12:20 p.m: Layered 'dip' for one. I was sooo full after. Layers in order of appearance. Avocado, sour cream, home made salsa, cheese. Had with multigrain nachos.
5:15 p.m: handful of almonds

Exercise (5:30 p.m): Started out running outside with the intention of 5k. Too hot. I did 2.1k, 17 minutes. I then walked into the gym and just did weights and stuff. Found the gym workout below that I did once. I was going to do it three times but by the end of attempt one, I died. Well, it had also been an hour of working out so I was done.
7:00 p.m: Last of the leftover food. The rice stuff is th stuffing I had in the peppers. Pretty good on its own too! Lots of garlic. :)
9:00 p.m: "Rose tea". Yup. That's exactly it. I was at a tea place and felt like crap and that one seemed to say it had all these benefits if you feel like crap, so I bought it. It was pretty good.

I had the acid reflux/heartburn again. I hate it :(. Why is this happening to me now that I'm actually healthier? Ugh. I gave in and thankfully I was with friends so we went and got me some drugs. I don't do medicine... EVER. I got chewable "Gaviscon". It gets foamy if you don't swallow in fast enough. Anyway, took two, it did go away! YAY! But then it came back randomly at like 3 a.m for like 20 minutes. Strange.

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