Tuesday, October 16, 2012


8:00 a.m: Banana

10:00 a.m: Bought a sandwich from the coffee shop downstairs. The inside has one egg, some lettuce and like some aioli save thingy. It's good. Very small for its price but ah well.

Barely used my debit card the past week and a half. Bringing lunch from home is awesome!

12:00 p.m: Leftover from last night. Cauliflower rice and veggies, arugula with olive oil/lemon dressing.
2:00 p.m: New thing. Hazelnut butter. Life has changed now that I know that nuts can all be made into butters. Who the F eats just peanut butter anymore? Come on now. It also helps that I am steps away from Kensington Market so I  have easy access to these types of things at health food stores. Anyways, had 1 rice cake with it. Good.

Was supposed to see my trainer tonight but something came up for her. It's ok. But now I'm not going to work out. Boooo. Tuesday is actually awesome TV night now and I'm going to go to watch with a friend. Plus, here's where I get girly, I curled my hair and if I work out I gotta wash it. F that.

7:00 p.m: 2 rice cakes with guacamole

9:45 p.m: Proteindrink

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