Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a new year.

I don't want to be all cliche and say all these new year things I plan on doing. I'm just gonna bitch cause I feel moody these days.

I feel moody and all teenage angsty. I can tell you exactly why. I am off my healthy eating track and it ruins everything. I'm irritable for no reason and I honestly hate looking in the mirror. I need my strong body back!! It's insane how much a 5 pound gain can change everything. I'm really looking forward to boot camp starting again.... 4 days a week, starts Monday! Work is also very busy and stressful right now and I'm actually a bit nervous about that too. Lots to do and I'm the only one responsible for it. Someone from work is going to one day read this and realise that I'm a duck. Yes, a duck. Calm and cool above the water, paddling like crazy underneath. I'll survive... I hope. I just don't like to disappoint people and I feel like I always do. See, teenage angst and emo. Give me a damn carrot!

What else can I bitch about?

Oh. Want to know a secret? I absolutely cannot stand the sound of chewing... been that way since like I was 10. Best part... my family has no concept of eating with your mouth closed or not talking with your mouth full. The past two days have been torture. Every moment I am at the table or near them eating I am literally being tortured. It's THAT bad. If you ever wanted to torture me, tie my hands up (so I can't plug my ears) and chew loudly. I will likely blow up. Just thinking about is making my blood boil. Ahhhhhhhhh! You're wondering how I grew up? I stopped eating at the table in my teen years. I'd take my food to my room. I can't imagine how bitchy I'd be if I still lived at home. My parents would hate me. Those commercials where dogs are chewing on their food? I change the channel. Ugh. Something is wrong with me.

I'd also like to bitch about something else.... and this is going out to my friends. Only one reads this, I think, and he doesn't count.

Stop making fun of me for being a vegetarian. I know you don't mean harm and it's all fun and jokes. But, I don't just eat carrots and grass. I eat REAL food... balanced meals. I'm not perfect but I try. Do I make fun of you for your high fat, carb filled, deep fried diets? No. I may not eat meat but my broccoli will always beat McDonalds!


  1. people just just jealous they can't eat healthy. unless you're talking to me.
    wanna know what eating thing i hate?? the sound of teeth scraping on forks. I cringe. people are annoying.

    1. I'm not talking to you, don't worry!
      Anything with mouths and food is annoying!