Monday, January 21, 2013

Mama said knock you out.

Soooo good news. I'm back to boxing! :)
Yeaaaa I'm back to being punched in the face! Who would've thought I'd like it.

Me and two other ex co-workers/friends/fellow Agency Wars participants have been talking to our coach on the side. We're going to train with her. She said she's going to kick our ass. I believe her. We're only three people vs. the eight we were in training. More focus and individual attention. Love it. The only scary thing is the only other female in our group is badass. I'm going to have to fight her every time and that's going to be a challenge. She. Is. Good. Better practice for me though. Show no fear! Unless she's reading this, which I don't think she does, then she knows i'm scared of her. :) First session is on Sunday morning. Fingers crossed no bruising.

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