Thursday, January 24, 2013


So a bit about my life.
Yesterday I wrote about how I had the heat on for the first time. Well, last night I put it on again. Hate it. My bedroom was perfect because all the windows don't let it get too hot. However, the moment I walk out it's a friggin sauna. So annoyingly hot that this jar of ghee (google it) literally liquified. WTF. I had the heat on low and everything. Annoying!! So ya, no more heat. I'm just gonna wear socks and a hoodie to bed. Why is this important to you? It's not.

I also have made the decision to skip boot camp tonight. My life. My rules. I work out enough.

9:30 a.m: A breakfast burrito with salsa I bought. It's essentially a tortilla wrap with scrambled eggs, onion and green pepper. Nothing special.

12:15 p.m: Leftovers from last night's dinner.

Had some chips. Banana. Starved.

8:30 p.m: 2 hard boiled eggs, mushrooms fried in ghee, roasted Brussels sprouts. Grocery shopping time.


  1. Love ya, Reeeeeen!

    I'm surprised Michelle hasn't gotten you to cook w gheeeee yet.....



    1. haha she has gotten me to cook with it. Well, not yet. I have bought it but need to actually do something with it.

    2. I still need to cook with it! ahahaaaa ;)