Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Sore from exercise. It's all good though.

9:15 a.m: 2 rice cakes with 1/2 avocado

12:00 p.m: A really small portion of this tomato/feta salad that was leftover at work.

1:30 p.m: Leftover from last night. Didn't finish it all, MK helped a bit. Still, it was a lot and now I'm full.
3:00 p.m: 3 squares of 85% dark chocolate.

Exercise (6:15 p.m): 1 hr boot camp

7:30 p.m: Protein drink

9:00 p.m: An egg salad I made. 2 hard boiled eggs, fresh chopped spinach, green onion, little bit of cottage cheese, dijon mustard, S&P. Good!

I think I've been doing really well at having home cooked meals every single day and making sure I get my protein. Yea!!

11:00 p.m: Banana

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