Thursday, February 7, 2013


So, this blog has come in handy.
I had a friend of a friend who knows her shit on nutrition do a bit of an assessment on me. She's probably gonna read this and if so, hey! :) Well, here are my findings and action items.

TMI alert but I dont care. This blog is for me, not you.

Major learnings
- My hormones are whack. Always been that way. I need to regulate that. Time to take pills.
- Best thing to read: I work out too much. Hah! I work out too much and eat fairly healthy and still not losing weight. Why world, why!?! Anyways, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop exercising but I think I need to cool it just a little bit. January hardcore proved nothing.
- Taking a food sensitivity test. I eat a lot of the same foods regularly and there could be things in there that just aren't good for me and I have no idea. Healthy things.
- Eat a bigger breakfast. This I knew but as with everyone, there's no time and I don't make it. So, when I can, I'm going to try and eat more at breakfast instead of the usual tiny little thing so I don't pass out on the subway.
- Using coconut oil in cooking is as good as I thought. I know I'm doing that right! I don't think i'll ever buy any other oil again. Coconuts are the best.
- Buy hemp hearts. New source of protein and from the research I'm doing, seem like a good thing to have. It keeps saying how it reduces cravings for sugar. Boy do I need that!
- Take up yoga. It's time. I always avoided it cause I didn't feel it was for me and it was just a bunch of hippies or hipsters. Well, surprise surprise, yoga is good for you physically and mentally. A good point was brought in my assessment. I generally think I'm not someone who is overly stressed. But, I probably am. A large part of my thoughts are about exercise and what to eat, it consumes my life actually. When I' not getting the results I want, I take it hard on myself, which in turn is probably stressing me out. When I have my bad food days or cheats, I feel like shit for like the whole day after. ONE friggin cheat and I'll remember it. That's gotta be stressing me out more than I know.

Anyways, this is the gist of it, I think.

Next step: Go to the hippie health store at lunch.

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