Thursday, February 7, 2013


7:40 a.m: 2 rice cakes with almond butter, sliced banana and cinnamon. So good.

Planning on playing squash tonight. Finally get some exercise. Hopefully my friends don't bail but whatever, if they do, i'll definitely hit up the gym regardless. I gave myself three days off of working out properly... it's time to come back, even if it's just a little bit.

10:45 a.m: One timbit. The good kind. The one that's worth it.

12:15 p.m: Leftovers from dinner. Beans, 1/2 avocado, yogurt. Good.

2:30 p.m: 1 slice of an apple. Someone is trying to get me off my yellow apples.

3:30 p.m: A vega chocolate smoothie mixed with water.

Exercise (6:45 p.m): No squash. snowed in. I did a 30 min treadmill run. Not even tiring anymore. Nice! I hate that my building gym is always full now. Mind you it's the "regulars" and not bandwagon jumpers but still. It's annoying. I wish there was a camera in there I could spy with so I know when no one is in there. I like working out alone, so what?

8:00 p.m: 2 hard boiled eggs with hemp hearts sprinkled over, boiled cauliflower and sweet potato, wilted spinach in some coconut oil. Ummm loving the hemp hearts. Complete protein! yeah!

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