Friday, April 19, 2013


It's a weird day already.

First, my weird dreams.

Dream one
My usual "something in your room is coming after you" dream. I have this one maybe once every few months. I will "wake up" in my room and it'll be dark. Something is basically trying to grab me but I can never see it. Well this time, I sorta saw it. It was two black shadows in a round shape. The interesting thing now is that when these dreams happen, I know what is happening. I instantly think "it's those things again trying to get me, NO, not this time" and I fight back. So in this dream I fought back and was trying to grab these shadows. I remember being all up in my blanket and couldn't. Eventually they disappeared and I was left in my room. I remember getting up and trying to scream something like "Go away" or "Stop it!" around my condo but I had no voice. It was very faint. I never have been able to scream in a dream. Is that a common thing? Anyways, I eventually actually woke up and was relieved it was a dream once again.
You could argue it was never a dream, and that this could've really happened. The one thing that always makes me feel confident that it was a dream is that yes i'll always be in my condo but few things will be off. Like my kitchen was totally different. Phew! Anyway, weird dream. Moving on to the next one!

Dream two
So all I remember was waking up and realizing it was 9 a.m. and clearly my alarm never went off. So I panic and lay in bed trying to figure out how I will lie to work cause clearly I'll be super late. Long story short, after what felt like the longest dream ever, my alarm goes off (in reality) and it's exactly 7 a.m. Perfect timing. I actually miled in bed laughing cause seconds ago I had such panic.
That dream was more exciting. I can't remember all the tidbits. I'm over it.

Here's a good song in the spirit of dreams.

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