Thursday, May 2, 2013


We're doing a 30 day challenge at work. Here is the deal.

- You give up one vice in food that you have to eliminate. For me, I picked sugar. I know. I might die. I'm still eating the odd fruit here and there but I'm basically saying no to any desserts or sweets. Which for me, is huge. I'm gonna try my best to eliminate natural sugars too. I think in my diet it'll mostly pop up in honey, protein bars, bananas... things like that. But I always will get the lowest possible sugar content stuff anyway in health foods so hopefully it'll be ok. For example, my protein bars have like 2 grams or sugar. Not bad? I'm gonna try. But ya, like I said, if I just go with cutting out processed sugar - I win in my head.

- You exercise like mad. Everyone is choosing their poison. Some girls are doing one of those aerobics videos every day after work. Others run. Others gym. I'm doing the boot camp again starting Monday, 4 x a week. I'm also going to continue to run wherever possible. I might go crazy and run before my boot camp. I have a 10k to do in like less than two weeks. Then another 5k in June. 5k seems like nothing now. YES! I never thought I'd get there but I have.

Everyone is in and we all put in $20. At the end of the month we celebrate by going out with that money. I plan to buy a great dessert, wherever we go.

Anyways, one day has past in May and so far so good. No sugar but I didn't get to exercise cause of work. It's ok, one day won't kill me.

Look, we even have a chart on the wall where we have a point system going. I got this!

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