Sunday, May 5, 2013


Busy day. But successful.

Morning: went on a hike. It was pretty fun considering I hate outside. Some steep hills but all manageable. That was my workout.

Here is what i ate all day, not all at once.

Protein shake
Rice cakes
Veggie burger
Rice chips
Chips, the bad kind
Grilled veggies
Piece of fish

Also, I'd like to say that for the first to e ever I said no to sugar. YES. My friends had pocky sticks and ice cream sandwiches. I wanted them, bad. Somehow I managed not to have any. Also, later at my parents house I didn't even touch the chocolate that was in front of me. I've never had this kind of restraint. 5 days so far of no sugar. Love it.

Also, typing on an iPad sucks.

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