Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This is going to be a long, short week. Boot camp every night.

7:30 a.m: A banana with almond butter, cinnamon and coconut flakes.

12:00 p.m: Day one of delivery salad. Success! It was greens, quinoa, 1/2 avocado, tomato, cucumber and little other things. Sweet pepper dressing. I liked it. I wasn't expecting too cause I'm pretty picky with salads but the quinoa and avocado really did it for me.
2:30 p.m: Big ol juice. Kale, apple, lemon and hemp. Not so bad actually!

5:00 p.m: Protein bar

6:00 p.m: Brussels sprouts with walnuts. Egg salad sandwich. I really need to lay off on the eggs. Maybe that'll be my June challenge. No eggs for a month. If that happens, I'm basically vegan. Meh.
Exercise (7:15 p.m): 1 hr boot camp

9:45 p.m: Shake. Almond milk, coconut flakes, cinnamon, banana, protein powder, ice.

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