Wednesday, May 22, 2013


10:00 a.m: Fried egg and cheese English muffin

12:00 p.m: Day 2 of delivery salad. It was good! I suspect thee was some sort of sweetener in the dressing though. Kelp and zucchini noodles, topped with mung bean sprouts, broccoli  peppers and snap peas. Sweet Thai chili dressing. Brown rice.
3:00 p.m: Juice made with dino kale, carrots, apple and ginger. I couldn't finish it. It wasn't good.. says the girl who only drinks water.

5:00 p.m: Finally decided to have proper dinner before boot camp. Brown rice at the bottom and veggie tofu curry on top. Organic, all made from this vegan place so I trust it doesn't have fishy things in there. There's also enough for two servings so I saved the rest for tomorrow. Yes!
Exercise (7:30 p.m): 1 hr boot camp. I am writing this before the class. My plan tonight is to kick ass at whatever it is. Do not give up no matter how much it hurts. I will update this later with how that goes.

9:00 p.m: Protein shake from the gym. Almond milk, protein powder, banana, ice

10:00 p.m: Can't. Stop. Eating. Banana with almond butter, cinnamon and coconut flakes.

I should just never have food at home.

Update on the boot camp: I was a sweaty mess. More than usual. Hell of a workout.

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