Thursday, July 4, 2013

Over it.

I'm over this blog. I've had it for what, over two years? I've lost 30 pounds and am having hella trouble losing just like another 5. I never stopped working out. My eating is.. so so. I just am not feeling it anymore. All I keep posting is my ups and downs and I don't think it's a good read for anyone, including myself. I initially started this blog as a tool to A) Keep track of what I eat so that I can get a beter of understanding of what I'm doing right and wrong and B) Holds me accountable for what I eat. I've always been fully honest on here. Now it's just blah blah I failed here, my work out was awesome.

I'm not fully stopping. I feel like i'll post when maybe I make something new I'm proud of. Maybe when I have an awesome something, anything, to share. We'll see. I just need a break right now.

I'll continue to work out and i'll continue to have my failures and successes. Life my friends! Maybe I should just accept that i'll always be just a little chubby? I'm not fat. I know that. I'm just, soft in a few areas. But, after 2 years of trying and never being able to pass the 30 pound mark I initially set, is that a sign? Is that the world telling me that I should accept myself the way I am and jut stay consistent in it?

Who knows.

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  1.'ve lost 30 lbs (!!) and to me, I don't see any "failures", but only "successes".


    Hope to see you soon! xo