Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I got my nutritional plan today. Oh man. Today is my last 'free' day of foods I enjoy. Get ready for a LOT of repetition the next few months.

- 2 hard boiled eggs
- Salad. Spinach, tomato, feta cheese, quinoa, hemp hearts. Fried mushrooms, sweet potato and onion in coconut oil. Olive oil and balsamic mix dressing. Mix it all up.
- Spoonful of chocolate coconut yogurt.
- Snacking on sea weed all afternoon
- Ran 5.5k outside. Mostly uphill. Leg pain.
- KIT KAT. I decided this would be my last hurrah before my diet starts tomorrow. 
- More seaweed... 1 rice cake.

Wait til you see my meals tomorrow! Boring for the time being until I figure out nice ways to flavour them with spices. But whatever, it's what I have to eat to be the machine!

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