Saturday, April 23, 2011


12 p.m: Orange

Exercise (1:30 p.m.): 30 mins on treadmill... 15 mins. of non stop jogging, yay! New record. Next time, 25!

3 p.m: Salad below. Arugula, tomato, potato, goat cheese in light balsamic dressing. I found a PC Blue Menu goat cheese that is quite low in fat and tastes pretty good!

5 p.m: I'm at the parents house, so unhealthy food time. I had a slice of veggie lasagna. Some almonds I saw laying around and this sweet bread thing my mom makes every Easter.

9 p.m: It only took my brother to ask once for me to agree "Do you want Baskin Robbins?". I hadn't had it in like God knows how long and ice cream is my weakness. Everyone knows this. I'd have it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I could. So, I had a single scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. Heaven. Really. I used to work at that Baskin Robbins (for 6 years!) and my old boss was there. She was happy to see me. Got the ice cream for free. Anyways, 30 mins. later it went right through me. If you know what I'm saying *ahem*. I think it was my bodies way of saying "Bad Narine! No ice cream allowed for you!".

Tomorrow morning I agreed to go to church with the fam. Awkward times ahead. I'm sure there will be lots of food at the reception thing they'll have after. 

All I can think about is that salad I had earlier and how delicious it was. Goat cheese = new obsession.

Also, the sore throat is back. wtf? It was gone and it's back with just as much pain as before. What's going on!?!

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