Friday, April 1, 2011

Breakfast (7:30 a.m.): Oatmeal. Not the yummy 'comes in a box' Maple Brown sugar Oatmeal like I would've liked. No, oats with water and some cinammon. I won't lie, I forced myself to eat it. I got through most of it before I realised it took me 15 minutes to eat like half. It usually takes me 5 minutes to eat breakfast. I was 10 minutes late for work cause of it.

Morning snack (10 a.m.): Oatmeal left me hungry. Thank God I brought carrots.

Lunch (1 p.m.): Salad. Spinach, feta cheese, tomato, chick peas and bit of chicken. Olive oil dressing.

Cheats: A *couple* of ketchup chips, 1 single chocolate mini egg, and some chocolate covered almonds! Damn you work and your temptations!!

Dinner (8 p.m.) : A 'veggie' shot. This drink I tried that's new from PC that says it's pure veggie and gives you 3 servings per. Also, a chicken ceaser wrap from Pita Pit. Whole wheat pita, chicken breast, strip of bacon, lettuce, green pepper, onion and ceaser dressing.

Exercise (10 p.m. - 1 a.m.) : Friday night volleyball has begun! Usually it's hot in the place but it's not summer yet so yea, not as sweaty haha but I had enough exercise I think by playing.

After volleyball my friends decided to go for wings and drinks.... at 1:30 a.m. Thank freakin God I don't drink but it was a struggle watching them eat the honey garlic wings and not have any. I had a glass of water. Luckily, I was so sleepy I literally fell asleep while they ate. hah.

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