Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was supposed to go on the treadmill this morning... failed. :( Disappointed. Especially cause I think I gained a pound. Ew, I don't like my attitude here. I'm getting negative again.


9 - 11:30 a.m: Been snacking on baby carrots and almonds. Hungry for lunch!

12:30 p.m: Sushi. Basically consists of rice, avocado, yam, chicken and whatever it's wrapped in... seaweed? Yes.

Going to sneak out early to hit the gym and do a quick run. Then boot camp 6-7.
I'm at work... thinking of vacation. Do I want to do anything this year? For one, lots of my money is going to well, this whole thing. A trainer aint cheap when you're not rich! But I don't know, where would I even go and with who? My parents want to go to a resort in Dominican for a week in the Summer. I don't know, I might. Only if I can get into a bathing suit I feel comfortable in by sayyyy July. Then maybe! And only if it's under $1000. We'll see. Right now, nothing.

Ok so I just googled bathing suit's. I haven't worn a bathing suit since like... hmm in all honestly, last time I remember wearing one without shorts or a tank top was like maybe when I wasssss 11? I'm 26 now. I like to think this is the bathing suit I would wear if I ever did. I know, it's not even like a bikini or something. I don't know if I'd ever feel comfortable in one, even if I were like a size 0. But ya, always loved the retro bathing suit styles.

Exercise (5-7 p.m.): 35 mins. on treadmill... 15 of which I jogged. 1 hour of boot camp.

Dinner (7:45 p.m.): 3 lahmajoun and greek yogurt. That's the last of the lahmajoun. My mom got me a bunch and I had frozen it, all done! Finally. I feel guilty every time I eat it.

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